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Bespoke 4X4 Parts

Ultimate off road capability with 4X4 Solutions designed and built parts.

4X4 Solutions employs it's vast experience in the repair and maintenance of 4X4 vehicles and experience gained in 4X4 competition to design and manufacture a range of specialist parts. Parts can be designed and made to order and the parts described below are available to order online for self installation.

These parts can also be installed by 4X4 Solutions, please contact us for details and a quote.

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Suspension Kit
Tube with bungs
Creeper joint with bung
Axle bracket

Suspension Parts and Kits

Heavy Duty Suspension Arms And Weld On Brackets Kit

This kit comprises everything you need to achieve unrestricted suspension travel on 4X4 competition vehicles. The parts supplied enable you to assemble to whatever length is required.

Competent welding is required to install the kit or 4X4 Solutions can install the kit for you, please contact us for details.

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Suspension Tube

Supplied on its own or as part of the kit the tubes are used in conjuction with creeper joints and weld-in bungs to create the ultimate in suspension arms.

Weld In Bungs

Supplied on its own or as part of the kit the weld in bungs fit 1.25" 9/16 creeper joints.

Creeper Joints

Supplied on its own or as part of the kit these are a 1.25" 9/16 greaseable suspension joint.

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Bespoke bumper with Hornet winch
Bespoke bumper
Bespoke bumper

Bespoke Bumpers

Our bespoke bumpers are built to your requirements. Built using either 8mm mild steel or domex steel, which is lighter and stronger. The pictures show a bumper built to house a Red Winches Hornet winch, recommended and supplied by 4X4 Solutions. Bumpers can be designed to house other winches.

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Weld In Winch Tray

Our weld in winch tray is made in 8mm thick mild steel. Laser cut and folded for presicion and strength. Ready for creating your own bumpers or weld straight in to your vehicle frame.
Suitable only for the Red Winch Hornet.

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